11 Ways to Get Fired – A Leader’s Primer

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Let me count the ways.  Getting fired is easy, just consult with the employee manual and do the opposite, break the rules and that should do it.  For a leader, there are many more nuanced ways that will get you into deep yogurt.  Examples on what a leader can do to get the ax are very current and serve as leadership lessons.  Here are but a few examples of how to get fired if you are a leader:

  1. Announce that people who hold a certain religious belief will never be hired into the organization or that any ethnic group is full of rapists and criminals.
  2. In a public forum, make an allusion to a women’s menstrual cycle as a reason for anything.
  3. Show ambivalence, or imply support to racist or radical groups.
  4. Inflate your background and pump up your resume with claims that are tough to support.
  5. Never listen to constituents other than those who are rabid supporters.
  6. Encourage those same supporters to beat the crap out of those who might disagree with you.
  7. Make projections and forecasts that everyone knows are impossible to achieve.
  8. Refer to your colleagues with disparaging names like “Little Marco”.
  9. On complex subjects seek no outside counsel and make things up on the fly.
  10. Use private parts as a metaphor for anything or refer to those same parts in any way.
  11. Turn a deaf ear to those who are trying to help and then criticize them.

The list could be longer but it is a good summary.  I am a college president and I know that any of the above would have me looking at the exit door.

Leadership lessons are all around us.

Do you have any to add to the list?

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