Any Questions? The Interview Opportunity.

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I guarantee 100% that there is one question that will always be asked in an interview.  The question is:  Do you have any questions?

If it is the first question asked, you might as well pack up because you are not going to get any job at this place.  The interviewer is doing you a favor and doesn’t even have the courtesy to ask you about yourself.  You know it when this is happening.

Usually it is the last question asked after you have poured out your soul to someone that you just met.  You have a few options at this point:

1) You can ask some of the questions that are really on your mind. These include: How much does the job pay?  I had planned a three-month vacation, do you mind if I take that vacation after I start?  Do I have the job or do I have to get to someone else who can really make a decision?  How long do I have to labor in this job until I get to the next level?  Will you check my references by looking at my Facebook page?  Did you hear anything I said because you seemed bored?  Or, Will you be recommending that I get hired?

But you won’t ask any of those questions that are on the tip of your tongue and I don’t recommend asking them.  Instead,

2) You will ask a bunch of questions to show how interested you are in the job but you already know the answers to them because you are prepared. These include:  I note that your training program is world class, were you involved in the development of that program?  I see the company promotes diversity, how does the company promote diversity?  How realistic is it to receive honest feedback during my first year on the job?  I see the company has locations around the globe, are there chances for me to work overseas?

And you will hear all the answers to theses questions that are discussed at length on the website.  You already know the answers but you will pay attention.  If you are truly prepared, when the question is asked, you could respond with,

3) “No, not really. I reviewed your website and the FAQs section is excellent”.   If you do that, you will miss your opportunity.

When the question is asked, you have to respond with questions or you will appear unprepared.  But don’t waste your time and the interviewers by asking questions for which you know the answer.  Yes, be prepared and the more prepared you are the more likely it is that you will, in fact, have questions.  For example, if you know there is the potential for an overseas assignment, ask what it takes to be considered for one of those spots and how likely it is that someone like you would get such an assignment and for how long.  Ask why the “unofficial” website talks about high turnover in junior ranks.

You know the question will be asked.  You know it is important that you have questions that show you are the true bright light that you are.  Don’t waste the opportunity.  Use the time well and engage the interviewer.  Make it an opportunity.

Sometimes when the question, “Do you have any questions?” is asked, it is your time to save your performance in the interview.

Any questions?

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