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Thoughtful Reasons Why I May Be Keeping My Job Right Now

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My Amazon package has yet to arrive. The IT Guy knows my name. I finally figured out the coffee maker. Free coffee. It’s almost payday. I will call in sick next week. I feel sick. I have health benefits. Someday I will understand my benefits. It’s almost Labor Day Weekend. I know where the best […]

Take Rosanne, For Example…

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I have written nine books about work and the workplace. One was a best-seller, all of them have garnered an audience because in the books I try to tell the truth and fill in the white space in the Employee Manual. Readers will know that a constant theme in my books is: Stop Doing Stupid […]

Don’t Plan To Be Late

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Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash  The text flashed while I was sitting at the coffee shop. “I’m running a little late,” my coffee date said. She was already five minutes late, so that was not a surprise. “No worries,” I texted back. “How late will you be?” The text reply was “@45 minutes.” Argh, that is really, […]