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Take Rosanne, For Example…

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I have written nine books about work and the workplace. One was a best-seller, all of them have garnered an audience because in the books I try to tell the truth and fill in the white space in the Employee Manual. Readers will know that a constant theme in my books is: Stop Doing Stupid […]

Don’t Plan To Be Late

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Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash  The text flashed while I was sitting at the coffee shop. “I’m running a little late,” my coffee date said. She was already five minutes late, so that was not a surprise. “No worries,” I texted back. “How late will you be?” The text reply was “@45 minutes.” Argh, that is really, […]

Can We Collectively Agree to Cancel Meetings?

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Photo by on Unsplash  When my son was three years old he would occasionally call for a meeting. He didn’t know what a meeting was but he heard all the adults talking about meetings so he thought they must be something worth exploring. We dissuaded him of the notion. Some companies are eliminating the performance review process. […]