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Does Low-Hanging Fruit Exist?

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Photo by Lotte Löhr on Unsplash “First, we will go after the ­low-hanging fruit.” We have all heard that comment and it makes my hair catch on fire. It is a big mistake. Do not go there. Looking for that fruit is a false hope. Low-hanging fruit does not exist. If it ever existed, it was picked long […]

Where Is Your Road Map Taking You?

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There is that nagging question that comes up every day, “What’s the PLAN?” It conjures up guilt and questions about ­self-worth. Plans come by many ­names—it could be called the strategy, it could be the plain old bud-get, or it could be called something exotic like “the Five Pillars to Success.” My favorite name is […]

Three Sad Letters You Should Stay Away From In The Workplace

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Acronyms have created a new language, and we all speak that new language. Some letter phrases are so widely held that we use them in speaking. Phrases like LOL, FYI, BTW are second nature. Others are not as widely used, like @TEOTD (At the End of the Day) or YKWYCD (You Know What You Can […]