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When You Take a Job That You Know You Shouldn’t

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The warning lights might be blinking right from the start. Even in the interview there are telltale messages that the job may not be right for you. Maybe you look around and say to yourself, “These are not the people I want to hang around with”. Maybe the entire recruiting process is sloppy and disorganized and you wonder, […]

We Are All Perfct

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A new word has entered the business nomenclature. Trendy words and phrases come and go and some stick around longer than others. See: Think outside the box. The new word snuck into the business world jargon while we were still getting synergized and checking our bandwidth. It shows itself so often now that we don’t […]

I Want To Be Traded

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It happens in all professional sports for both men and women. Every year at certain time the players move around. Right now it is happening in the U.S. in basketball and baseball. Players are moving around like playing musical chairs. Dynasties are breaking up and being rebuilt and there are winners and losers. It’s a […]