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Pornography Is Not Your Friend at Work

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Writing about pornography is a risky proposition. I don’t want to sound Puritanical nor do I want to sound cavalier about Internet usage. Individuals can and should exercise their own discretion and judgment about what is appropriate behavior given any circumstance. However, I witnessed an incident and learned of another that made me pause to write […]

Death to Performance Reviews – Again

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  The death of performance reviews may be highly exaggerated. When big organizations like Accenture proclaimed the elimination of performance reviews in that organization, a collective sigh of relief could be heard around the world. Yay! We thought there would be no more of the charade of managers trying to guess what we really contributed to the […]

Can We Trust H.R.? Can We Trust Anyone?

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  “You know you’re in trouble when you get called into the boss’s office and someone from H.R. is already there.” “The only thing the H.R. people care about is diversity training.” “The H.R. police were all at the sales kick-off meeting in Vegas. It was no fun.” “Every memo from H.R. basically says NO! I am […]