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Learning the Hustle

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There is food porn where you spy on the gastronomical delights of others. There is real estate porn where you dream about having a bigger/cooler/newer/ anything but the one I have house. There is travel porn where you watch other people enjoy vacations where there are no crowds or hassles. And, of course, there is […]

Notes to the New Person

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Wouldn’t it be nice if someone left you real operating instructions when you start a new job? In that spirit, here is a note that can be left on the chair of 99% of the people starting a new job or assignment. Hello new person and welcome to my former chair and workspace. Leaders often leave notes for their […]

I’m Getting Paid To Do This?!

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Some jobs are so enjoyable that you might consider showing up even if you weren’t on the payroll. It’s a rare occurrence but such jobs should be enjoyed because one like it may never happen again. Example One: An early job for me in my career mosaic was as a lifeguard on the ocean. I […]