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Is Cursing at Work Now OK?

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Not Safe For Work is a standard warning we all receive. Even when we plead to be dropped from a dirty joke distribution list, the bad jokes never end. Besides off-color jokes, the NSFW label sometimes announces the delivery of a rant full of expletives about a politician or a wrong that is occurring somewhere in the world. There […]

Woof Woof Woof – Three Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Dog to Work

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Each time the subject of dogs in the workplace is broached, hate mail ensues. The record will show that I am not a big fan of dogs running around whilst you try to finish that spreadsheet analysis.  Keep in mind, I love dogs – dogs literally are man’s and woman’s best friends. But dogs and work is […]

About that Disgusting, Crude Boss

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The toxic workplace is much in the news, but what exactly is toxic? A reader writes in through email to describe what she thinks is toxic and asks for some very specific advice. With her permission, I am bringing forth her dilemma… “Dear Workplace Expert (If you really are one): I CAN’T be the only one in the world […]