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Why We Fib At Work – 10 Reasons

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A fib is not a lie. But it’s not quite the truth either. And we all are sometimes guilty – fibbing has taken over the work world. Millions of little white lies bounce around cubicles and office spaces every day. No, I am not talking about criminal activity or any kind of fraud. I am talking about fibs that […]

Building Your Personal Brand

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I know a university president who wears green socks every day. Whether he is in a meeting or playing on the faculty basketball team, he wears those green socks. He says the socks are his brand and, indeed, they may be, but so what? How are green socks as a personal brand helping him or his institution? In […]

20 Tips for Successful Networking

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Get out there in traffic! Networking is the key to a successful career! Go to industry events! Never miss an opportunity for a coffee or lunch where a connection might be made! Networking is now an official part of any meeting agenda. Events are advertised (and priced) based on networking opportunities. A network is the new currency. Sure, networking is important […]