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Automobile Behaviors

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The traffic never seems to change, it never gets better. We are all in our cars too much and the car has become the workplace that serves us between home and the cubicle. It is not the place to listen to old time rock and roll. It is a new place to work. The car […]

More on Convergence

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The piece on the Laws of Convergence struck a chord. A convergence chord. Some apply to technology. Two of the favorites are: The cursor will always block the spot on the computer screen that you need to see. Call waiting will always happen when you are already on the phone. Sometimes call waiting will pile […]

Office Valentine’s Day’s Advice

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Valentine’s Day is one of those potentially awkward days in the office. It ranks up there with “National Boss’s Day” and “Take Your Child to Work Day”. Then there are those ‘give money to a charity and you get to where blue jeans on Friday’ holidays. Although everyone can where jeans on Friday anyway there […]