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Work Resolutions You Can Keep

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A Primer in removing misery and being more productive in 2008 By now you are Off the Diet and Drinking Again – Here’s the new way to lose weight through work resolutions Some of the resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve may be a distant memory by now, the middle of January. Sure you […]

That’s What I Like

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After all these years in wine country I was finally invited to a blind wine tasting. It was a simple exercise, I was in a group and five different glasses of pinot noir were put in front of us. We had to determine where each glass was from, not whether or not we liked the […]

Success at Holiday Parties

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A Primer At the last really huge corporate Holiday Party I attended, a young woman who reported to me jumped up on stage just as the beginning drum beats to the classic “Love Shack” were filling the hall. The crowd went wild that someone would be so brave. I leaned over to my wife and […]