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The Best Job You Will Ever Have

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My career has included stints as a CEO of a large consulting company and an onion slicer at a hot dog stand. The same career includes serving as a college president and another time when I was a “sewer rat” for a municipal water agency. Once I was a partner at a top tier venture capital firm, […]

Are VCs Still Funding Startups?

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Nearly every university is plowing money into academic programs on entrepreneurship. Nearly every major city is sponsoring and funding centers for innovation in the hopes of attracting startup companies. But wait, now the news is out that venture capital funding for early-stage companies is way down. And everyone is ignoring the fact and knocking on VC doors anyway. […]

When the Boss Takes All the Credit

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It happens. You (and others) work like maniacs, put in hundreds of hours, eat bad pizza in the office at midnight, incur the wrath of loved ones for never being home, break out in acne from stress, and live in fear of missing a deadline. The boss checks in on the team every once in a while, […]