Automobile Behaviors

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The traffic never seems to change, it never gets better. We are all in our cars too much and the car has become the workplace that serves us between home and the cubicle. It is not the place to listen to old time rock and roll. It is a new place to work. The car is the place we reserve for returned calls or for the calls we couldn’t make during the day. While I was driving along today a BMW convertible passed me going 80MPH. The convertible top was down and driver was on the phone. I can only imagine what that connection was like. Next time you are stuck in traffic take a look around, you will see people on their phones, sending messages on their blackberries, taking notes to themselves, reading the Wall Street Journal and yelling at someone who probably missed a deadline. But none of this is news to anyone who has been on the highway lately. What is news, and it is not good, is that the car has also become the company cafeteria.

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