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Don’t assume the network of technology will take the place of the network of friends and others who can hire you.
Survey research completed on the web can leave you ecstatic or depressed. Validate like crazy.
Employers really do hire through their web sites.
The personal touch in job hunting doesn’t come from the PC. It happens through your research and interviews.
Remember your password on all web sites, especially those that might generate a job.
The web will not offer you a job but it will offer you incredible opportunities to gather data.
Surfing between career/job hunting web sites and porno web sites will leave you confused.
Expect co-workers to know where you spend your time on the web. If it’s a job hunting site, the implications are clear.
Web sites are almost always secure. Who is looking at your screen over your shoulder is not.
Falsifying your resume on the web is just as bad as falsifying your resume on paper – only faster. Either one can get you fired.
Always expect your resume to be scanned by something other than human eyes. Use brand names and active verbs.
No need to refer potential employers to your personal web page.
Remember that the web is a source of information about you as much as it is a source to discover employers. Look yourself up on the web to see if those arrest records from college are showing up somewhere.
Don’t expect to hear back from employers you contact over the web. If you do, it’s a bonus.
When you give your email address to a potential employer, think about who else might read your email.
Imagine the resources that could be available to you if all search firms and all newspapers posted their openings every day.
Posting confidential data on a career web site is almost always confidential.
Even job searches on the web will eventually require getting dressed up.
Double check the address and attachments before you push the send button. The baby pictures shouldn’t be sent to employers.
Check out any employers’ web site. It will tell you a lot about the organization.
Keep double clicking on employers’ web sites. You might see an empty box on the org chart just for you.

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