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Death By Panel Discussions

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We survived “Death by PowerPoint”. We learned how to endure torture through hundreds of presentations that featured slide after slide of a headline with black bullets organized underneath in a row. Each bullet was followed by black words on a white background in sentence fragments. The format ruled the day so effectively that we all […]

Pornography Is Not Your Friend at Work

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Writing about pornography is a risky proposition. I don’t want to sound Puritanical nor do I want to sound cavalier about Internet usage. Individuals can and should exercise their own discretion and judgment about what is appropriate behavior given any circumstance. However, I witnessed an incident and learned of another that made me pause to write […]

Complaining at Work is Not Your Friend — 41 Samples to Never Use

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The following is a list of things you can complain about at work. It is not comprehensive but will cover a lot of the territory that I usually hear about. Take a slow read and ask yourself, “Have I ever complained about… The insensitive boss The long commute The irritating co-worker The food in the […]