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Forget A To-Do List, Just Get Something Done

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Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash It’s a trap. The trap is a false sense of activity. You think you’re busy, and, in fact, you may be really busy, but is anything that matters really getting done? Are you advancing the cause or just filling up the calendar? Take a look at the calendar — how much of […]

Thanks For Sharing Your Leftovers

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The advent of microwaves ovens created a brave new world at work. The office no longer needed to reek of printer toner and whiteboard markers alone. The office could now smell of microwave popcorn! Ah, but it didn’t stop there. We can pop something out of the freezer (with the notes on it about cleaning […]

It’s More Than Just Coffee

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Photo by on Unsplash Lunch is dead. It takes too long, it’s too crowded, and it’s a hassle. Besides, it is often offered for free or at a big discount if you stay in the company cafeteria. So instead of lunch out at the local restaurant where one can network and maybe even interview for new jobs, […]