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Three Sad Letters You Should Stay Away From In The Workplace

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Acronyms have created a new language, and we all speak that new language. Some letter phrases are so widely held that we use them in speaking. Phrases like LOL, FYI, BTW are second nature. Others are not as widely used, like @TEOTD (At the End of the Day) or YKWYCD (You Know What You Can […]

The Thing About Work

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Photo by on Unsplash Lots of other phrases circulate through a workplace but most are not suitable for print. With so much going on in the workplace, why does the inability to get things done generate so much creativity in the catchphrase department? The answer is simple: FRUSTRATION. Nothing will make a team or an individual more […]

Twins of Different Mothers? College Presidents and Venture Capitalists

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Photo Credit: Warren Photographic Venture capitalists and college presidents are two groups that, at first blush, do not have anything in common. The VCs are all about deals and money and entrepreneurs. College presidents might say they are all about feasting on the fruits of knowledge and drinking from the fountain of wisdom while raising […]