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Is Dining Out for Lunch Dead?

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The next time the office reeks of those reheated burritos and the leftover chicken chow mien, don’t just complain that you can’t work under smelly conditions, say a prayer for the restaurant business.  The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets are reporting that the U.S. restaurant industry is in big trouble.  And the reason can be […]

Why You Must Write – Why I Write

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Everywhere I go I see people writing in those cool black journals. I see them in coffee shops, airports, hotel lobbies or any place that requires waiting or wasting time. What are they writing? It doesn’t matter. Whether it be deep thoughts about the universe or a short memo, the act of writing is important. The most successful people I […]

You will be fine (and other advice for graduates)

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(An excerpt from my commencement address of May 2017) Commencement is my favorite day of the year. Everyone is happy! Each year I exercise the Presidential Prerogative to give important parting advice. Although aimed at the graduating class, everyone can listen and take heed. Past advice has included never tie a mattress to the roof […]