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An Ode to Cafeteria Workers and the Night Custodians

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Business related websites are full of advice and notifications and admonitions about how to be successful and what to do in this disruptive world. To my eye, there is not much content that explores the concept of giving thanks or how to treat others.  Business site topics range from artificial intelligence to how to manage a meeting; […]

Why Venture Capitalists Don’t Get Back to You

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You made the pitch on a Monday to a venture capital firm and you believe you nailed it. Woohoo and hot damn! They laughed at the one joke. They asked good questions about the market size and the patent potential. No one fell asleep and at the end the group was effusive in showing appreciation. This could be it. A […]

5 Biggest Mistakes of the Entrepreneur’s Pitch

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Any investor or venture capitalist quickly learns what to look for as he or she considers making an investment. After one sees a batch of deals, pattern recognition takes over. Investors are looking for big returns and want to hear about ideas but also want to know that the entrepreneur is not naive when it comes to […]