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Brave Souls Deserve A Raise

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Photo by Philip Swinburn on Unsplash  Certain jobs make me say to myself, “However much that person is being paid, it is not enough.” When I sit in my office on the twenty­-third floor and I see the guy outside my window washing it, it’s a no‑brainer that I think he should get a raise. Coal miners deserve […]

There’s No Such Thing As “At The End of The Day”

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Photo by Ian McGowan on Unsplash  The end of the day happens every day. It is predictable. But the phrase “at the end of the day” is so ubiquitous that it seems to be news that each day ends. Politicians use it, children use it, but most of all, people who are work-ing use it. I think it […]

Does Low-Hanging Fruit Exist?

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Photo by Lotte Löhr on Unsplash “First, we will go after the ­low-hanging fruit.” We have all heard that comment and it makes my hair catch on fire. It is a big mistake. Do not go there. Looking for that fruit is a false hope. Low-hanging fruit does not exist. If it ever existed, it was picked long […]