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Olympic Notice

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The Beijing Olympics were a cauldron of lessons. I am sure junior swimmers, runners and gymnastics gleaned big lessons about hard work and winning or losing with grace. For those of us in the workplace, there was another key lesson: People Notice. We continue to forget that people notice. There was more than a little chatting and blogging about the […]


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A gallon of gas is now more expensive than a bottle of wine, at least according to some senior citizens I know. An entire string of unintended consequences has resulted from this sorry reality. Chief among these stark realities is the “staycation” and all of its implications. The staycation is a 2008 made up word with more […]

Talking Talent

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I once had a boss tell me that business wouldn’t be difficult if it wasn’t for people. He was right. People are what make organizations interesting and difficult at the same time. What is more, people are the key part of organizational success, or not, so we might as well get used to it. Harkin back to Management […]