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The Annual College Grad Blog

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More Signs of the Apocalypse No time is better for giving out advice than the annual commencement season. In my experience in dealing with new college grads, I have found that no one listens to any advice but it doesn’t stop anyone from dishing it out. Many had their own opinions about Oprah’s address to […]

Deals I Would Like to See

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Every venture capitalist reviews and discusses any number of “deals” every day. Some are glimmers of greatness and are worthy of objective consideration. Others are not so worthy but still deserve thoughtful consideration. The following is a top-of-mind list of deals I would like to see but have not yet. Converter Kits: Oil prices, gas […]

Why Bear Stearns is a Good Thing or, In Search of the New Poster Child

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Enron became the poster child company for corporate greed, avarice and somebody asleep at the switch. Arthur Andersen became the poster child for auditors helping them. The NYSE became the poster child for big payouts to retiring executives (with many more companies to follow.) Eliot Spitzer is the current model for exercising bad judgment, marital […]