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The New Universal Language

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There is a new universal language. It crept in sometime between the advent of the first fax machine and the death of the pager that we wore on our belts. A quick quiz of most people about the universal language will generate responses like: A kiss. It is the global signal of love although there […]

The Unavailable

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It has often been said in the venture world that “there is an infinite demand for the unavailable.” This is the ultimate challenge for everyone who invests in tech companies. We know there is a market for cars that burn no fuel; we know there is a market for anything that will eliminate my love […]

At the Airport, Get Behind the Guy with Loafers

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The airlines and the security people at airports way are easy to pick on and everyone seems to be doing it these days. So I have some simple advice for the weary travelers as we go into the busy summer season: make choices, wear socks and consider Virgin America. Travelling is all about choices. Check […]