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All Mistakes to Avoid Should Have Been Learned in High School

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All lessons of behavior should have been learned early because they all happened in high school – that harsh reality that divides childhood from the rest of life. Foremost among those lessons is: You will always get caught. Cut gym class? You will get caught by the Principal looking out the window. Cheat on an […]

Work Resolutions You Can Keep

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A Primer in removing misery and being more productive in 2008 By now you are Off the Diet and Drinking Again – Here’s the new way to lose weight through work resolutions Some of the resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve may be a distant memory by now, the middle of January. Sure you […]

That’s What I Like

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After all these years in wine country I was finally invited to a blind wine tasting. It was a simple exercise, I was in a group and five different glasses of pinot noir were put in front of us. We had to determine where each glass was from, not whether or not we liked the […]