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The CEO and the Board

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An elephant almost always joins the festivities when the CEO and the Board gather. This is not an elephant that stomps around and trumpets trouble. It’s a pachyderm who is very subtle but still very big and complicates the dynamics in the relationship between a CEO and the Board of Directors. That tricky relationship is […]

Avoid Paris and Collect People

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A Commencement Address Delivered May 26, 2007 To the Board of Trustees, Head of School, Faculty and Staff, Parents and Friends and Most of All, You the Graduates of the Class of 2007, I am honored to be invited into your midst and know I bear a heavy responsibility as your speaker. Graduates, you are […]

Who Are They Talking To?

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First, let me proclaim my total reliance on my cell phone. I used to check to make sure my wallet was in my pocket, now I check to make sure my phone is in there. So when I ask the question, “Who are they talking to?”, it is not from a perspective of cell phones […]