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Why Bear Stearns is a Good Thing or, In Search of the New Poster Child

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Enron became the poster child company for corporate greed, avarice and somebody asleep at the switch. Arthur Andersen became the poster child for auditors helping them. The NYSE became the poster child for big payouts to retiring executives (with many more companies to follow.) Eliot Spitzer is the current model for exercising bad judgment, marital […]

All Mistakes to Avoid Should Have Been Learned in High School

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All lessons of behavior should have been learned early because they all happened in high school – that harsh reality that divides childhood from the rest of life. Foremost among those lessons is: You will always get caught. Cut gym class? You will get caught by the Principal looking out the window. Cheat on an […]

Work Resolutions You Can Keep

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A Primer in removing misery and being more productive in 2008 By now you are Off the Diet and Drinking Again – Here’s the new way to lose weight through work resolutions Some of the resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve may be a distant memory by now, the middle of January. Sure you […]