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The Car is the new Cubicle

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The next time you look out the windshield and look at a sea of cars stuck in traffic, don’t get frustrated. Think of it more as a world of productive people in their workplaces. Yes, we have moved way past the car as the bathroom, a place for brushing teeth, putting on makeup and unmentionable […]

I Deserve It; More on Travel

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My Business Traveler’s Bill of Rights caught some attention and the interview on NPR really caused a stir. I am waiting for the call from the airline coalition or the U.S. Congress to bring my perspectives there. I will remain on stand by for that call. When it comes to my descriptions of lines at […]

Business Innovations

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GREATEST BUSINESS INNOVATIONS OF THE LAST FIFTY YEARS: Yellow stickies: To the office what duct tape is to the home. Wheelies: A back-saving device that turned almost all baggage rectangular. Tetris/Solitaire: A justification to carry around a $10,000 PC. Etch-a-Sketch: The training tool for reading any PDA. Scan button on the car radio: Allows you […]