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Laws of Convergence

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On the afternoon of Super Bowl Sunday we were travelling to a party across the Golden Gate Bridge. It just so happens that the ship the Queen Mary II was going under the bridge just as the game was about to start. It created a gigantic traffic jam on the bridge and all around it. […]

Real Work

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Going into a factory is always a good reminder for me that there are people in the US who stand by a machine for eight hours and that there are still “first line” supervisors and that a lot of workers still get “breaks”. You know, breaks that go from 10 – 10:15 in the morning. […]

To Do list

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I am the first to admit I am losing my short term memory. Abandoning a thought will probably mean it will never come back. When one does it is a cause for jubilation even if the thought that returns is that I need to have my teeth cleaned. So when I lost my “To Do” […]