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Who Are They Talking To?

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First, let me proclaim my total reliance on my cell phone. I used to check to make sure my wallet was in my pocket, now I check to make sure my phone is in there. So when I ask the question, “Who are they talking to?”, it is not from a perspective of cell phones […]

Email Addictions

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While stuck in the airport recently, I was surrounded in the waiting area by young investment bankers trying to log on and find a wireless connection. There was desperation in their clicking on the keyboard; there was panic in the constant rejections from the Starbucks that were not in the neighborhood; there was elation when […]

Automobile Behaviors

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The traffic never seems to change, it never gets better. We are all in our cars too much and the car has become the workplace that serves us between home and the cubicle. It is not the place to listen to old time rock and roll. It is a new place to work. The car […]