In the Workplace: Celebrate Saint Patrick

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cloverLet’s bring Saint Patrick’s Day into the workplace.  No , not the way you are thinking. Contrary to what some believe, St Patrick did not invent alcohol and he wasn’t known for over imbibing.  He is known for driving the snakes out of Ireland.  So let’s bring the spirit of St Patrick in to the office and drive out the snakes.

Although there probably aren’t literal snakes – there are plenty of reptiles at work you might want to drive out

How about driving out wasting time and jerk bosses.  How about driving out too much stress for too little reward?  How about driving out working all the time instead of enjoying what is important?  How about driving out those snacks that give you bad breath.

March 17 each year is a time to celebrate all things Irish.   So let’s bring a little Irish into the workplace and make it a wee bit better.

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