Deals I Would Like to See

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Every venture capitalist reviews and discusses any number of “deals” every day. Some are glimmers of greatness and are worthy of objective consideration. Others are not so worthy but still deserve thoughtful consideration. The following is a top-of-mind list of deals I would like to see but have not yet.

Converter Kits: Oil prices, gas prices, carbon footprints – it all adds up and I believe it. The deal I would most like to see is a kit that would convert any gas engine to a hybrid. I am not talking about ripping the car apart and installing batteries and flux capacitors. I am thinking more along the lines of a device similar to the after-market cassette players that we would attach to the car radio and bolt under the dash board. Once installed, gas mileage would go from sixteen to forty without ever opening the hood. This kit could do for cars what electricity did for houses. The world would be a better place and everyone would win.

Cell Phone Sensors: It is not a rare occurrence these days to go into a public restroom and hear someone yammering on their cell phone while sitting in a stall. I always wonder who that person is talking to and does the person on the other end of the call know what is happening. I suspect not. I would like to have a sensor and an alarm on my phone that restricts anyone from calling me while they are in a bathroom or other inappropriate place to be chatting nonchalantly about digital media.

Invisible Cubicle Screens: We all know about those magical fences that no one can see but prevent out dogs from running out on the highway. Although I have not discussed this with our dog, I believe they work. I just about never see a poor dog on the side of the road these days. I would like to see a deal of an invisible fence that separates cubicles at the office. It would prevent your co-workers from leaning over the little barriers that separate cubicles to ask if you want to participate in the basketball pool.

News Converters: This deal would fall into the digital media space. Since the evening news is almost always bad, I would like to see a deal that would present a positive side to all news. Instead of “A big flood hit the Midwest this week.” The news would proclaim, “Looks like that drought is over in the Midwest.”

Special Stopwatches: Like that old segment of the “Twilight Zone”, I would like to see a stop watch that stopped the world long enough for me to catch up. While everyone else was “frozen” I could go about my business and no one would be the wiser. When I restarted time with the stop watch I would be all caught up. I would be careful not to drop it.

User Generated Video: Wouldn’t it be great if there was a web site where videos could be posted and shared. It could be like America’s Funniest Home Videos on steroids. We could look at cats on shower curtains and guys pretending they were in Star Wars for long periods of time. Oh, wait.

I’ve joked about deals I would like to see before only to have them show up shortly thereafter. Bring them on.

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