Five Ways to Make More Money in 2013

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The New Year is full of resolutions of losing weight and ideas to be a better person.  In these uncertain economic times, how about some simple suggestions on ways to enhance the paycheck in 2013?  Here are a few ideas that are easy to implement:

1.  Get off Facebook. Unless you work at FB, chances are you are wasting time looking at quotes from the Dali Lama or photos of happy people.  (They are always happy.)  If you used that time for customer service or good ideas or completing a project, you might get a raise.

2.  Go out for lunch every day. Business is all about developing relationships.  Relationships don’t flourish if you are eating a turkey sandwich in your cube by yourself.  Lunch might cost more but the relationships are priceless.

3.  Do not travel.  When you travel you never capture all of your expenses plus you waste money. And by god since you are traveling, you deserve that drink or that large bag of gummi bears.

4.  Fill out expense reports on time.  Each day you wait the accuracy of your expense report goes down, and not in your favor.  Wait long enough and you won’t get any of it back.

5.  Do not take your cell phone into the bathroom.  Eventually it will fall in the toilet and be ruined.  While you wait for a new one you will be both unproductive and out of the replacement cost.

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