Giving Thanks: 8 Reasons to be Thankful at Work

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In the U.S., this is the week for giving thanks. We give thanks for the love of our family and friends and for the joy of the largesse we can share. It is a wonderful holiday, the one without the pressure of giving gifts and going all out. In so many ways, it is a time for real reflection and appreciation. And that would be enough, but then there is that work thing.

So each year during the Thanksgiving holiday, I try to find a few tidbits about work for which we can be thankful. The first Thanksgiving was, after all, a lesson in workplace cooperation. Or so we are taught. When it comes to workplace thanks, it is easier for some to be thankful than others. But as always, we all have some things to be thankful for when it comes to the workplace.

  • We can be thankful for the Internet and the knowledge of the universe it can provide when it comes to work research. We can also be thankful we didn’t design the website for the Affordable Health Care sign-up.
  • We can be thankful for all the technologies like conference calls and Skype that allow us to stay off airplanes for business travel. And be thankful for good earphones that block out the crazy guy in the cube next door while we can listen to our favorite music.
  • We can be thankful that business casual is now more the norm than the exception.
  • If we have a good boss who supports us and mentors us, we should be very thankful. Having a good boss is always the number one factor in job satisfaction.
  • If we enjoy our colleagues at work and learn from them and can’t wait to be around them, we should be really thankful. If not, find a new group and be thankful that there are alternatives.
  • If we derive a real sense of worth and purpose from our work, and we get paid for it too, that’s as good as it gets. Be thankful.
  • If we have a job with healthcare benefits, where free coffee with real cream is provided and the possibility of a promotion exists, be thankful.
  • And most of all, be thankful if your organization has an IT person who can fix whatever damage we do on a daily basis.

This year, we can all be thankful for the love or our family and friends, our health and if we have meaningful work too, what a bonus. So put the smartphones down, even if for a minute, and enjoy it.

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