I Want To Be Traded

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It happens in all professional sports for both men and women. Every year at certain time the players move around. Right now it is happening in the U.S. in basketball and baseball. Players are moving around like playing musical chairs. Dynasties are breaking up and being rebuilt and there are winners and losers. It’s a marketplace and players earn what they deserve. But hey, we all have talents and we are all in a marketplace. Why not the rest of us?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an agent to shop us around to the highest bidder and best match? Wouldn’t it be nice to claim, “I only want to work with my friends?” Wouldn’t it be nice to sign a long term contract? Wouldn’t it be nice to say fifty million dollars is not enough?

The dance of the free agents has a lesson for us. We are all free agents. Most of us don’t have a famous representative talking to other teams but we can be our own agent. We can be the agent who asks for more money and a better situation or looks for a trade. Maybe we don’t have to suffer on a bad team.

Be like a star athlete. Get what you deserve.

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