In the Workplace: A Special Day at the Office

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Candy-HeartsValentine’s Day is one of those funky holidays when it comes to work. Is it a special day?  Should I bring in little hard candy hearts that proclaim, Be Mine?

For most of us it is just another day, unless you finally act on that crush you have on the person in the cube next door. But wait, maybe every day at work can be a little special.

My dad is 89 years old and he loves wine. When he receives a good bottle as a gift. He is always thankful and claims, “I am going to save this for a special occasion!” I want to say Dad, at 89, every day is a special occasion. He knows every day is special and that is my message to you this week, dear workers of the world.

There are some special occasions but by in large, work is about making every day a little special.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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