In the Workplace: It’s Super Bowl… Monday

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Super_Bowl_XLVII_logoSuper Bowl weekend is a little oasis in the dark days of winter.  It’s a long game with long commercials and a long party.  But wait, the Super Bowl is NOT just about Sunday – it goes on through Monday and there are real workplace implications.

Separate surveys conducted by employment-information website Glassdoor and Kronos Inc., show Americans are more likely to waste time or call in sick on the Monday following the Super Bowl than any other day of the year.

The Workforce Institute estimates that 4.4 million employees more than usual will come to work late.  The survey further shows that absences related to the Super Bowl are especially high among young adults.

Since revelers are finding the Monday after the Super Bowl particularly hard to manage there is a movement starting to make post-Super Bowl Monday a national work holiday.

And as a 49er fan, I say, this year, why not?

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