In the Workplace: That 10,000 Hour Rule

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lecturer_malcolmgladwellMalcolm Gladwell is a business book hero.  His books like the Tipping Point and Blink changed the way we think about business books.  And he brought a new rule to the world that continues to spread.

It is the 10,000 hour rule.  It claims that if one does something for 10,000 hours, one should be really good at it.  Examples are the Beatles, Bill Gates to name a few.  And who doesn’t want to be the Beatles or Bill Gates.

Ten thousand hours is a long time.  At work, it’s at least five years.  So if you have held your job for more than five years you should be pretty good at it.

If you are not good at it by 10,000 hours, you probably have a job you don’t like and it might be time to change. Or, find a new career you love and start counting to 10,000.

You could be the next Paul McCartney or Bill Gates.

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