It is Resolution Time 2012

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One of my many goals in life is to eliminate guilt. And I don’t want you to be guilty either so this year when it comes to resolutions, I will make it easy for you. The chances of you keeping your regular New Year Resolutions, either personal or professional, are not good. Let me guess, this year, for a change, your New Years resolutions are:

• To Lose weight
• To Get more exercise
• To Find a new job and
• Get your finances in order

I bet I’m right. If you are like me, each resolution is a good idea but life and caramel Frappuccinos seem to get in the way. I want to lose weight but sometimes the only food available in the office is pizza and Jolly Ranchers. I need more exercise but it is just too hard to schlep around that running gear when I am traveling. Finding a new job is a really big resolution. It can seem like climbing Mount Everest in this economy. Besides, I don’t want to have to figure out a new health benefits system or remember a new pass code for the bathroom. Finances in order? No problem, this is the year when I will break the shrink wrap on all those Intuit products.

When it comes to work resolutions, I will depart from the usual advice and suggest just a few that I think you can keep in 2012.

1. Get to know one co-worker better. How hard can that be? Just one. We enjoy our jobs the most when we feel part of a team, part of a community. Your new colleague does not have to be the guy in the cube next to you that hums “Move Like Jagger” all day. It can be that person you see at the printer with the tattoos who seems pretty interesting. At least take off your headphones every once in a while.
2. Get home for dinner with the family more often. It matters. All the research shows that the family that has dinner together spins out better balanced children. If the food is good consider it a win-win.
3. Stop looking for something interesting in your spam file, there is never anything there. The occasional note of interest from the Nigerian Prince is not worth the time spent looking. And finally,
4.Trade in the time you spend following the career of Lindsay Lohan for more productive activities. Any activity is more productive than following the lives of celebrities.

Resolutions don’t need to be dramatic, but it is better if you keep a few that can help you on the job. If you do lose weight or get more exercise too, power to you.

Rich Moran is the author of Sins and CEOs. You can also find this article at The Red Room.

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