Last Minute Holiday Workplace Checklist

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A program I broadcast on CBS about holiday parties generated a reaction and a big batch of email traffic to the station and me about the holidays and work.

Holidays are stressful and what happens at work is no different.  Here are a few questions that came in about the holidays and work with my response.

Q:  If I got drunk at the holiday party, should I quit my job?  A: Maybe. Let’s see what shows up on YouTube first.

Q:  I hate my boss, is it ok not to get them a holiday gift?  A: Tis the season. Get the boss a simple and inexpensive gift if that is what is protocol at your workplace. Nothing in poor taste.

Q: Is it ok to use my company computer to shop online all day? Do they keep track of such things?  A: Yes, they keep track. Save the shopping for later.

Q: What if I don’t want to take off the week between Christmas and the New Year? Can they make me?  A: Yes. Take the week and enjoy it.

Q: Can I drink at the holiday lunch?  A: Maybe. Don’t be the only one drinking and don’t get drunk.

Q:  Are email holiday greeting cards the same as paper cards? Can I send cards from my work computer?  A: To most, a paper card is better. Don’t send electronic ones from work.

Q: If I receive a gift am I obligated to give one in return? Can I just give everyone a bottle of (inexpensive) wine?  A: This is a special time of year for “Two Buck Chuck” but avoid the temptation. Receivers know the temptation between a good and bad gift. 

Q: When is ok to wear a really bad Christmas sweater?  A: On “Bad Sweater Day” only.

Q: We play KOIT in the office all day.  I am ready to confess all my sins just to get them to turn off that station.  Can I break the office sound system?  A: Buy a set of headphones and listen to your own music.

Q: Since no one else seems to be working this time of year, do I need to work?  A: This could be a time to get all those projects done that you have been putting off all year. Yes, Virginia, you do need to work.

To all of those who have to work over the holidays, like service employees and first responders, we appreciate you. To those who have time off – turn off your computer and enjoy.

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