Learning the Hustle

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There is food porn where you spy on the gastronomical delights of others. There is real estate porn where you dream about having a bigger/cooler/newer/ anything but the one I have house. There is travel porn where you watch other people enjoy vacations where there are no crowds or hassles. And, of course, there is still regular old porn, which needs no explanation. (I am on the record that when it comes to the combination of work and pornography, pornography is not your friend.) Now there is hustle porn.

Near as I can tell, hustle porn is watching others work every hour of every day on Instagram or hearing a message from the workaholics on LinkedIn that unless you are obsessed with a huge goal you are a loser. Or, if you want to be rich and famous, pay attention to work habits that will turn you into an ambition driven crazy person. Like other types of porn, hustle porn can make you feel guilty for what you are not doing or achieving.

Hustle porn is a byproduct of the tech world where people grind through insanely long working hours in the hopes of becoming the next young billionaire while making the world a better place at the same time. Is it a toxic concept or a lifestyle that suits your aspirations? It depends.

One thing you can be sure of is that watching others work hard doesn’t mean you will be successful. In fact, watching others work hard might make you less successful because you are wasting your time watching them. Copying the habits of Elon Musk or Steve Jobs will guarantee only that you are tired all the time. Working the most hours is probably not the contest you want to win either.

At least a positive and subliminal message one can derive from hustle porn is that it’s ok if life is a mess. It’s ok if things aren’t working and you should expect struggles as part of your journey. Learn from them and move on.

Hustle porn aside, what matters now and always has is results. If hours lead to results, the hours are worth it. What matters now and always has is purpose. If hours help you and the organization meet the mission, the hours are worth it. If the hustle is the part of your work from which you derive satisfaction, do it.

Hustle porn is a new social media label for motivation and one must decide to accept or reject the idea working crazy hours and struggling toward a lofty goal. If hustle porn helps you to define your own idea of success and work hard to achieve your goals, maybe it’s a good thing.

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