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The piece on the Laws of Convergence struck a chord. A convergence chord. Some apply to technology. Two of the favorites are: The cursor will always block the spot on the computer screen that you need to see. Call waiting will always happen when you are already on the phone. Sometimes call waiting will pile on to itself. And in the point of purchase domain: The cashier will always need to change the tape in the register when it’s your turn to pay. The fewer the items, the greater the likelihood. But the Laws of Convergence can also be the source of the most stress in the workplace. I was the victim of the Laws just last week and it was a triple header at least. There was an important meeting that I needed to attend but I was running late. It was a meeting that mattered, I didn’t want to be late. So of course, I was stuck in traffic. And of course, the gas needle on my car told me I might have enough to make it to the meeting or not. And of course, the entire time I had to go to the bathroom. And of course, the battery on my cell phone had died so I couldn’t call ahead to say I would be late. One just built on the other, the convergence of the issues after a while made me just give up and stop, get gas, go to the bathroom and apologize when I arrived late blaming it on the traffic. Late, traffic, no gas, bathroom, cell phone batteries it’s real convergence. We can’t look at convergence as good or bad, like gravity, it is just one of the laws that governs our universe.

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