More Ways to Make Money in 2013

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My latest missive that declared very specific ways to make more money in the new year was a big hit.  That list included suggestions like:  Stop taking your cellphone to the bathroom; stop traveling, and; always go out for lunch.


1. Read “People” magazine for inspiration.  You will see that  those with no talent, no skills and no job can grow rich and famous. There is hope for all of us.

2. Create a Personal and Imaginary Board of Directors:  Remember those imaginary friends you had when you were little?  Bring them back except this time make it the people you would LIKE to turn to for advice.  As in, when faced with an issue, ask, “What would Paul Newman do? Or Hillary Clinton? Or your first mentor?”  Their advice is very helpful.

3. Borrow a puppy and walk around the places where business people congregate.  The number of connections you have will grow exponentially.  The connections may lead to a better paying job.  Be sure to give the puppy back.

4. Never roll your eyes over an idea.  That response, even once, will stop people from sharing ideas with you.  With no ideas to borrow or share, you might be stuck with only your own ideas and not move ahead in the organization.

5. Be the person your dog thinks you are.  You will succeed beyond  your own expectations and make bundles of money.

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