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When the UPS Guy rang the doorbell with the stack of big boxes I was excited and happy but I didn’t open them right away. The boxes contained three hundred copies of my latest book, Nuts, Bolts and Jolts. The publisher sent them to me so that I could send them to my friends in large organizations in the hopes that my friends would buy a few thousand copies.  It was my fifth book.  Had the boxes contained my first book I would have torn them open and run through the neighborhood screaming and giving the book to strangers.

Some of my earlier books had grown to be best sellers based on the bulk purchases of large corporations so it was not a pipe dream to try again with book five.  Dutifully, and with the help of some friends, we mailed out a batch of books with a personal note and encouragement that when employees read this book, they will be transformed and all will be well.  One of the pieces of advice in the book is to pay attention to the small things that can make one’s life miserable or great.

A few days later I started receiving messages with statements like, “Your new book is fundamental!  LOL.”  Another one proclaimed, “Moran, you are a fundamental guy.”

Finally, a friend called and asked, “Did you see the typo?”  I admitted I hadn’t even looked and waited with dread for the worst.   It was the worst.

The subtitle of Nuts, Bolts and Jolts is Fundamental Business and Life Lessons You Must Know. In the very first edition, the word fundamental was misspelled.   Right there on the cover in glaring large font was the word Fundemental.  Maybe proof readers don’t pay attention to the covers.

Lots of red faced back tracking later, all is well.  A company in China just bought five hundred copies.  I am glad they will see the correct spelling of a fundamental word.

There remains in my garage a bunch of boxes, unopened, that the UPS Guy delivered one day.


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