Take Rosanne, For Example…

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I have written nine books about work and the workplace. One was a best-seller, all of them have garnered an audience because in the books I try to tell the truth and fill in the white space in the Employee Manual. Readers will know that a constant theme in my books is:

Stop Doing Stupid S**t.

The well of material never runs dry. In my first book, written years ago, there is a sentence that reads, “If you tell a racist joke or make a racist comment, you will be fired.”

The following sentence reads: “If you tell a racist joke or make a racist comment you deserve to be fired. “

The advice is not about free speech or dodging the HR police. The counsel is based on doing what is right, at work — or anywhere else. Colleagues are not developed around people who make inappropriate comments. Teams are not formed when one member is not quite right (NQR). The workplace becomes slowly toxic when co-workers are avoided based on attitudes.

Political correctness is not even a part of this conversation. Being a harsh critic is one thing. Being a racist and broadcasting is another and is just not acceptable. The rules for behaviors at work are changing. Social media usage and dogs are part of the work scene now just to name a few. Some rules in the new workplace make you scratch your head and wonder, WHAT? Other rules, like showing up, are constant.

And racism, in any form, should not and cannot be a part of work. When people, famous or not, are fired for racism, it’s a reminder of what is right.

Ask Rosanne.

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