Ten Best Business Innovations of the Last 50 Years

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business innovationInnovation is everywhere. So much so that it is difficult to keep track of all the new tools that are making our lives easier. Based on a less than scientific poll, the following are what newsmakers are claiming to be those innovations that have truly changed the workplace and our business lives.

1. The Mute Button – Silence from both ends when you need it. Or, when you don’t want others to hear you clicking away on Facebook.

2. Texting – Don’t feel like talking? No problem. Also helped create a new shorthand language. The ultimate efficiency tool.

3. Yellow Stickies – To the office, what duct tape is to the rest of the applied world.

4. Wheelies – The back saving device that turned all luggage rectangular and too big to fit under the seat in front of you. Why did it take so long?

5. Virtuality – Allows one to be any where and work – or not. See Mayer, Marissa for debate on the issue.

6. Conference Calls – What other tool allows us to attend meetings without being there?

7. LinkedIn – Allows one to look for a job but “not really”. Also good for spying on former colleagues.

8. Bose Headphones – Allows one to concentrate while listening to the favorite rapper. Or, just shut out annoying co-workers.

9. Tablet devices – Tetris, solitaire, Sudoku and a million other games and time wasters that can be accessed whilst on delayed flights.

10. Email – Provides hope that something good can happen while at work. Any time an email could come in about that raise or promotion.

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