Thank God It’s Monday

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TGIM is now a thing. I may be late to the game about looking forward to Mondays. I was always a big fan of TGIF and I am still working through the real psychological effects of the Sunday Blues. Sure there are reasons to look forward to Monday to get back to work. It means you have found work that you love or maybe that you hate staying home. Great jobs welcome happy people on Mondays.  Let me remind you about the research that is clear about what it takes to love your job:

  • You need to feel that your work is meaningful.
  • You need to enjoy being around your coworkers.
  • You need to feel like you are using your skills and expertise.
  • You need to feel a sense of autonomy and can make decisions.

If you can check the yes box on all of these factors, congratulations, you have won the career lottery and I can see why you might look forward to Mondays and returning to that meaningful role with great coworkers. (See firefighters or special education teachers as big winners in the career lottery.) Notice there is not much about pay mentioned in the four factors. In short, a bad job doesn’t become good because of pay. 

New studies are showing that even people who don’t like their jobs are looking forward to Monday. Millennials are especially prone to the attraction of Monday and there are many reasons. We have unknowingly created a badge of honor for working hard. Have you ever boasted about the backlog of emails or texts that have stacked up in your in-box? Striving to be more successful is never ending and looking forward to Monday to get back at the grind is what is now important to many. Heroes like Elon Musk and just about any start-up founder are the models. 

All this work, but to what end? If you say you are looking forward to Monday, TGIM, and you don’t like your job, you are working too hard.

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