The Act Of Showing Up Still Matters

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Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash 

Working hard and showing up are not the same thing. Both things are important. Even in a world that can look like a cube farm and where everyone is looking at computers all day and wearing headphones, engagement and relationships matter.

When a friend was fired, he was shocked. WTF! He was yelling at everyone. His employer said he was let go because of his poor attendance record. Attendance record? Really? Is this high school?! He knew he worked like a dog and never heard anything about attendance. Who takes attendance?

Maybe it was not just about attendance. Between traveling and working from home at all hours, the guy thought he was meeting all of his objectives. So what happened?

No one knew him. Being around the place still matters. Hanging around with the boss still matters. Being a colleague still matters. Being part of the team still matters, even in a virtual world. It’s easier to get rid of people no one knows.

Show up. Have coffees with colleagues. Go to the holiday party. The thing is, someone is taking attendance.

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