The Misery of Update Reminders

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Have you noticed that your devices are always reminding you that updates are available? It is a constant barrage. Do it now? Remind me tomorrow? Stop reminding me is not an option regarding updates. It’s the same on the phone and pretty much everything that we turn on and needs to be recharged. The reminders come from embedded software, apps, people that you hardly know regarding their birthdays and pretty much any icon that hangs around the periphery of the screen.

The reminders are annoying so usually we ignore them even though they are shouting Updates Available! Updates Available! We have all learned the bitter lesson that when we select Update Now, instead of Dismiss, our life is never the same again.

But sometimes we feel guilty and wonder that maybe there is a new feature that will make us more productive.  Or maybe we need to update to be in sync with the rest of the company. Or maybe the old version is going to expire. Forces move us to click on Update. So we click on Install instead of Not Now. And, we immediately regret it. The system shuts down, the lights blink and the timers start broadcasting how much time remains for the install. First, there are thirty seconds remaining, then there is five minutes remaining, then there is two minutes remaining. It’s like a thermometer gone wild. Rebooting, rearranging, re-everything is happening as I hear things whirring and clicking. Sometimes I believe I can smell something burning.

OK, finally. It took ten minutes and the installation is complete. The world should be a better place and I should be a much more productive and efficient person. But wait, the device that is now waking up is not the device we are used to, or so it seems. The new one is not the one we love where the files were in one place and all of our preferences were right there. Everything is in a new place. And we say, never hit Install again, no matter how annoying the reminders.

It’s the small things at work that can make us happy.

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