Timezone Dyslexia

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New experiences are always good. Almost always. I had a new one this week.

A global conference call was scheduled this week with a very prestigous organization. The content was me. The content was me talking about how, in the middle of January, resolutions still count. The idea is that even though we may all have fallen off the wagon or stopped our exercise regimen, there are other easy resolutions to keep. Those resolutions include ending meetings when you say you will and stop answering your cell phone when you are in the bathroom. One of my resolutions is to never be late. It’s a great topic to start the year for this global conference call. The call was to start at 10am.

At 8:05 am while dropping the kids off at school I received a call from the conference call moderator. She said everyone is on the call and waiting for me. I said it started at 10 and she said yes, 10 central time in the US.

Options: I am on the cell phone in my car with a fairly bad connection. Do I take the call there with no notes and no prep? Or, do I race home, 10 minutes and get on a land line with my notes in front of me. Plus, I had to go to the bathroom.

You decide.

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