Who Are They Talking To?

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First, let me proclaim my total reliance on my cell phone. I used to check to make sure my wallet was in my pocket, now I check to make sure my phone is in there. So when I ask the question, “Who are they talking to?”, it is not from a perspective of cell phones are a blight on the universe. Rather the question is posed more out of real curiosity.

My wife and I attended a concert not long ago. It was romantic and mellow with young couples all around us. At every break in the action the couple in front of us each took out a cell phone. Rather than talking to each other, they dialed, put the phone to their ear and ignored each other. When the music started again, they put the phones away, held hands and listened raptly. Who were they talking to? Who better is there to talk to than each other? I can’t imagine. Any date, any occasion has a rhthm that can’t stand the interruptus of the constant phone calls.

While jogging on one of best trails in the Bay Area, I came up behind two fellow joggers in the journey of life. It looked like two friends enjoying a solid sweat together. We were headed in the same direction and as I passed the two women I overheard each of them talking on their cell phones. Not to each other I presume. Who are they talking to? Rather than enjoying the fresh air with a friend and chatting about the exercise, the weather, what’s new, ANYTHING, they are talking to someone who is not “present”.

Taxi drivers present their own mysterious question. In every taxi I’ve been in lately, the driver is engaged in a sultry and mysterious discussion with someone on the cell phone. No, it’s not the dispatcher. It is someone who understands exotic languages and can decipher the mumblings. They can engage in this mystery chat for a seemingly endless time; or at least as long as I am in the cab. Who are they talking to? Is it a mistress and the driver is proclaiming his love? Is he calling his brother asking for directions? Is it his broker relaying the tips from the previous customer? Who knows, but it is not me.

I talk on my cell all the time. I call my Mother on it. I talk on it while I am driving. I talk on it while I am walking around. I still don’t talk on it when I am on a date or jogging. OK, I do talk on it while I am in the back of a taxi. Why not? The driver won’t notice.

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