A Simple New Year’s Resolution: Look Up

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2014 Will Be Looking Up with Just One Resolution:

  • I see it in the romantic dinner a young couple is sharing. It’s the glow of their phones as they look at the devices instead of each other.
  • I see it around the conference table. While the impassioned presenter displays a PowerPoint presentation, everyone around the table looks like they are bowing their head in prayer while they look at their phones.
  • I see it in the line at Starbucks. Instead of engaging with others, everyone is looking at a phone.
  • I see it in the men’s bathroom. Guys standing there looking at their phones or sending texts while they should be concentrating.
  • I see it on beautiful days on the Golden Gate Bridge when people are looking at their hand, and the phone in it, instead of the majestic towers.
  • I see it at social gatherings when people are texting those who are not there instead of talking to the person two feet in front of them.

So the one and only resolution I would like to suggest for all of us is to LOOK UP. I realize this resolution is in the same category as losing weight and getting more exercise, meaning a good idea that will be impossible to keep. But let’s try before we all get crinks in our necks. My suggested resolution is based both on observation and science.

Researchers are saying that we check our mobile devices every four minutes. That seems like an inaccurate number to me. I think the real number is more like every thirty seconds. Or maybe it’s not even a number. For some, I think the frequency is more like always. Checking smart phones is an addiction.

This time of year we often resolve to kick addictions. The addiction could be smoking, eating Big Macs, or watching Law & Order SVU reruns. I am not naïve enough to suggest we resolve to get off our smart phones. But I am suggesting this one simple resolution because it will help you at work.

Looking up will wake you up to the reality of what is happening in your workplace. You might realize you like those pesky customers and even the guy in the cubicle next to you if you talk to him. You might develop a positive relationship with your boss if you look he or she in the eye when you pass in the hall. You might see things that will improve processes and generate ideas. A whole new world may open for you by simply looking up.

By looking up you might see the world around you, you might get promoted, you might make new friends and you might not get hit by so many cars.

Forget losing weight and all the other resolutions. Just resolve to look up.

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