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The Covid Virus has had an impact on our lives in big and small ways. It sometimes seems absolutely nothing is the way it used to be and we miss the way it used to be. I don’t want to minimize the suffering by so many and the heroic efforts of health care workers but a topic that is on the minds of many is – haircuts.

As we practice social distancing and working from home we are looking in the mirror and staring at others through Zoom wondering what is happening with hair. I am not sure if others are sending them to me or manufacturers are just being opportunistic but my news feed is full of ads for hair trimmers. These trimmers will remove hair no matter its location. Be wary of the videos.

Something I learned at an early age is that the words “home haircut” and “bad haircut” are the same thing. My guess is that Moe, Larry and Curly practiced home haircuts. Bangs may look easy to trim but they are not. Going all the way by shaving your head is always an easy option that requires little skill but has other ramifications.  For some haircuts, the only way to salvage something is to convert it into a retro style. That’s why the mullet is coming back. Dog grooming tools may be handy but, unless you want to look like a French Poodle, using them is probably not a good idea.

Some online contests are cropping up regarding bad haircuts. Do not enter. It’s the contest you don’t want to win.

For those who work in the business of grooming, humans or pets, the pandemic is a business and employment disaster. I hope that the programs that are being put into place will provide some relief. We will get back to them but in the meantime, be wary of taking matters into your own hands.

As we deal with “shelter in place” and working from home our lives are full of big decisions about relationships, careers, health, finances and more. Don’t turn a DIY haircut into a big thing by botching it.  But if you succumb to the temptation, keep perspective. As the wise person remarked, “The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks.”  Compared to dealing with the actual virus, dealing with a bad hair month is not a big deal.

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