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Complaining at Work is Not Your Friend — 41 Samples to Never Use

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The following is a list of things you can complain about at work. It is not comprehensive but will cover a lot of the territory that I usually hear about. Take a slow read and ask yourself, “Have I ever complained about… The insensitive boss The long commute The irritating co-worker The food in the […]

Why Don’t Poor People Have Bank Accounts?

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I was a junior partner at a big consulting firm.  The team was meeting with the CEO of a large bank and we were making the pitch for new business.  We had our big PowerPoint presentation ready to go. The presentation was full of Gantt Charts, flow diagrams, Venn Diagrams, and all other manner of […]

Can Everything Be Disrupted?

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Who knew that the potato chips market could be disrupted? When PopChips ( was introduced a few years ago the snack food market had to think about health and calories. Now, I see there are a bunch of new entrants (Tommy John, Mack Weldon and others ) into the men’s underwear department who are disrupting […]